Facility Tours

We’re happy to give you and your pet a tour of our facility during our Hours of Operation.  No appointment is required.  However, we suggest that you avoid peak times such as Monday mornings and holiday eves (e.g., Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) in order for us to allow enough time to answer all of your questions.

I'm a new client. What do you require to get started?

Prior to your pet’s stay, please drop off, email or fax a completed registration form, Pet Service Contract and vaccination information. To download the necessary client forms click the link below:

New Client Paperwork

Which vaccinations do you require for a stay at your facility?

Comfort and safety are our highest priorities. Please make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and on a flea control program.

Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and *Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

Cats must be current on Rabies and Feline Distemper (FVRCP) Vaccines.

Puppies and kittens must have completed their ENTIRE series of the Distemper/Parvo (usually 4 in a series unless otherwise stated by a vet), in addition to having their Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. 

If you are looking for a local veterinarian to administer vaccines before your pet's stay with us, you can check out Dr. Anderson at Ask the Vet. She hosts wellness clinics at Creekside Pet Hotel once per month.

*Boarding dogs are required to have their Bordetella vaccination every 12 months, however, we recommend every 6 months.  Daycare clients are required to have their vaccination every 6 months.  Please note that many veterinarians administer Bordetella only by request.

Will my dog go outside?

Yes, dogs are taken outside to their own private enclosure for fresh air and potty breaks three times a day (morning, mid-day and evening) for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Will my dog be with other dogs?

Unless your dog participates in Creekside’s day camp program or is sharing a room with a sibling, your dog will not be in the same enclosure as other dogs indoors or outside.

I have multiple dogs or cats. Can they board together?

Yes! Due to our spacious enclosures, multiple pets (i.e., cats with cats and dogs with dogs) of the same family can board together. Ask about our multi-pet discount for sharing space prior to check-in.

Can I bring my own items (toys, bedding, etc.)?

Along with your pet’s food, you can bring a toy and treats. Creekside provides a sleeping cot or pad for all pets, as well as food and water bowls. Please do not bring a bed or bowls. If you’d like, you can bring a small towel-size blanket or towel to supplement the cot or pad. We ask that you don’t bring any family heirlooms or valuables.

Creekside strives to keep track of all guest’s belongings. However, because many guests have similar belongings (e.g., Kong, Nylabones, etc.), items sometimes get misplaced. Therefore, Creekside cannot accept responsibility for misplaced personal items.

My pet has health issues / Elderly / Pet Medications

 Creekside does administer routine medications such as antibiotics, allergy, or joint relief medications. During the holidays, we do charge for medication administration. We charge $3 per day for medications that need to be administered once per day. We charge $5 per day for medications that need to be administered twice per day. Outside of the holidays, we will administer up to two medications at no additional charge. We do require that all medications are brought in their original prescription bottle. 

However, Creekside is a pet hotel resort facility. Thus, pets with significant medical needs or elderly pets unable to walk or stand are better off under a veterinarian’s care than in our facility. We do not accept diabetic pets or pets that require daily injections for boarding.

If your pet falls ill during its stay, we will follow the guidelines outlined in the Pet Services Agreement i.e., attempt to contact you and transport your pet to the nearest veterinarian hospital for treatment.

My dog has current vaccinations but got sick anyway. Why?

Vaccines may be ineffective for many reasons. Fever, steroids, disease, and maternal antibodies will block a pet’s ability to make antibodies. Improper storage and handling of the vaccines or incorrect administration will also lead to a vaccine failure. Like human vaccines sometimes there are issues with the manufacturing of or the vaccine developed is not effective for the current year’s strain that appears.

Also if they are not given at the correct times i.e., too close together or far apart, the memory response of the immune system is not properly stimulated. Vaccines given to very young puppies (under six weeks of age) or too sick or immuno-compromised patients may be ineffective.

What are Creekside's Cleaning Procedures?

 Creekside is meticulous about cleaning our kennels and common areas.  We use hospital grade disinfectants to keep them spotless and fresh.  However, pets like humans do from time-to-time come down with common illnesses when staying at or visiting a public facility, dog park, vet waiting room or common grass areas in your neighborhood (e.g., similar to your child coming into contact with something at school and gets the flu, cold, or rash, etc.).

By ensuring that all pet visitors have their required vaccinations and maintaining a strict cleaning regimen at our facility, Creekside works diligently to minimize the likelihood of such occurrences originating from Creekside.  By boarding or partaking of Creekside’s services, the Owner agrees to abide by the terms of the Pet Services Agreement.

What time is Checkout Time?

Checkout Time is 12:00 pm (noon) EST Monday through Saturday. The office / reception is closed on Sunday, however, as a “courtesy” pets may be picked up or dropped off by appointment Sunday between the hours of 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

What else do I need to know about Arrivals / Departures?

Guests may arrive or depart any time during normal business hours.  Owners who pick up by the noon check out time will not be charged for that day. Also, the 12:00 noon check out time will be waived Monday through Friday only for those who have scheduled a complete or mini groom, bath or their pet is participating in daycare.  A Saturday to Sunday stay is a two-day minimum.